Showbox Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Showbox is a worldwide preferred free Movies and tv shows streaming application that runs on Android devices. Showbox has the largest database of movies and shows in the world, And its a replica of the famous app Netflix, but Showbox gives full access to users without any subscription fees. If you have any queries about Showbox you can comment them below, but before commenting read the answers to the Frequently asked questions below and see if your query is solved there.

Showbox FAQs

1) Will the users of Showbox face any legal issues for watching movies/shows on Showbox?

Users of Showbox are completely safe, the search is on for the developers of Showbox who are unknown to the world till now, And the users can feel safe to use Showbox app.

2) Videos keep buffering and it does not start playing even after 10 mins.

This is a common problem faced when the servers of Showbox are overcrowded, In these case, you can try deleting the cache and other data of Showbox and Restart your phone and open the Showbox again and enjoy interrupted Entertainment again.

3) Showbox Shows Internal Server error.

Showbox rarely shows this error to the users, and when its shown it most probably is due to the error which is created on the device it’s running on. Uninstall Showbox and re-install Showbox using the APK file, this should solve your problem and Showbox will run smoothly.

Now, if you have any more queries regarding Showbox application, you can comment our question below, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Top 3 Best Showbox Alternatives 2018

Showbox is one of the most searched android application in 2017 according to the google search Statistics, Its in the top for a reason, it is one of the best entertainment apps in the world that can provide you with an ocean of interesting movies, tv shows and web series and all for free. And if you are reading the Showbox Alternatives, it just means that there is a great chance that you are already a user of Showbox and you must be knowing everything about it. So let’s not waste time in discussing Showbox and get into Showbox Alternatives 2018.

Showbox Alternatives

Showbox alternatives 2018

Although Showbox is an experienced player in the market, the problem people face with Showbox is that the servers on Showbox are crowded, which makes the streaming of videos on Showbox shower, and users face the issue of buffering while watching. So try out the below listed Showbox Alternatives which are better than Showbox in many terms.

1) Terrarium TV: Terrarium tv is another Free Movies and tv shows for free, without any subscription charges. The Terrarium TV app is also known as Showbox Killer, As Terrarium Tv was the first app that made users of Showbox to change their mind about using Showbox. Terrarium TV is a very lightweight application unlike Showbox and the streaming servers are High quality and fast which makes watching movies easier and fun on Terrarium tv.

2) Redbox TV: Redbox Tv is the latest app in the Movies streaming market, they started their journey to entertain people in early 2018 and Is growing every day like fire. Redbox Tv is specialized in Streaming the Television shows around the world. You can find Almost any television show on Redbox easily without any issue.

3) Netflix: Showbox and most of its alternatives are free to use but they are just showing you the movies and shows in an illegal way, And indirectly you are supporting piracy by using those kinds of applications. If you wish not to support the Piracy, then get a subscription on Netflix for just 10$/Month and enjoy unlimited movies and Shows in High quality, And I bet you its a better experience than watching movies on Showbox.


There might be 100s of applications that claim their self to be an alternative of Showbox and stream movies illegally, But as a user of most of those applications, I personally feel that the listed 3 are the only applications that can live up to the hype of Showbox and can provide the service in better quality. If you know any application that is better than Showbox but not listed here, you can suggest them to us through the comments section.